Friday, December 8, 2017

3 Reasons to Stop By Our Store

Camdenton Farm and Garden is a locally owned farm and garden store right off of the Camdenton square. Our facility has been serving the community for well over 25 years, and our owners, Mike and Brenda have been the owners and operators since 2007. Whether you're new to the area, been around for years, or somewhere in between, if you haven't stopped by sometime, we'd love to welcome you! Our store offers a wide variety of products, from gardening supplies and accessories to wild bird feed and feeders, livestock feed, and even pet supplies and food. We've got a lot of items you may be looking for, and we'd be honored to provide a small-town feel for your regular purchases. If you haven't been by lately, we'd love to welcome you out this month for some really great incentives!

The Christmas Business Hop at the Lake of the Ozarks

Have you heard of this local event? We are proud to be apart of it because it's a great way to showcase all of the incredible small businesses that the Lake area has to offer. We're only one of many on the list, but if you haven't stopped by, please do and get your ticket signed off!

If you haven't heard of this fun event at the Lake, the idea is that you go to as many of the small businesses as you can to get your ticket signed off on, and then be entered in chances to win awesome prizes! In fact, the best thing about the prizes is that they are gift cards that work for ALL of the stores on the list! Want to learn more about it? Check out this video from KY3 to learn more, and don't forget to swing by!

Read the KY3 article HERE

Our Bird Feeding Bundle

If you're still looking for the PERFECT item for someone on your list, we've got lots to choose from! Of course, for the month of December, we are offering a bird feeding bundle, which makes the perfect gift for someone in your life who loves to watch their feathered friends outside. If you stop by and buy a bird feeder valued at $50 or more, you will also get a FREE 10 lb. bag of our house blend Jim's Mix bird seed. This can be an easy gift to get for mom, grandma, and aunts. It's also an educational gift to get for kids who love to watch the outdoors. They'll love seeing those little, feathered friends hopping around outside and enjoying the birds eating. It's also a great lesson in responsibility as they have to keep it filled. Just make sure to mention that you learned about this great deal from our Facebook or blog to redeem your bird seed and bird feeder at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Our house blend, Jim's Mix

Tools & Gifts for All

We talked about it last week on our blog, but we really do have an excellent variety of gifts and tools for the hardworking people in your life. Not to mention, we have some fun gifts for your furry friends, too! In fact, if you like our Facebook page, and come show us on your phone that you have, you can get half a pound of dog treats or one suet cake for any of your animal friends! We have beautiful wind chimes that make great gifts for people with nice porches, we have hummingbird feeders that are excellent gifts for your kids to get grandma, and more! Why don't you come take a look around? We've got a great selection of unique items, but you'll never know until you stop by.

Your Local Farm and Garden Store

For all of the products you need and love, and the friendly small town feel that you need, Camdenton Farm and Garden is here for you. We hope to see you this month at our farm and garden store in Camdenton, MO. There are several great reasons to visit this month, and stay tuned because we've got some GREAT deals for you coming up in the next few months! So like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and stay in touch because this winter is going to be anything but boring!

Camdenton Farm & Garden

Providing quality lawn and garden products at the Lake of the Ozarks and surrounding counties for over 25 years! 

251 S Business Hwy 5 Camdenton, MO

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