Wednesday, December 13, 2017

9 Things Every Gardener Wants for Christmas

Can you believe the holidays are already here? Maybe you can, perhaps you’ve already been to several Christmas parties, and you have all of your presents bought and wrapped under the tree. If, however, you’re one of the 17 million people who are expected to be shopping on Christmas Eve, this blog is for you! If you have a gardener in your life, here are a few things you can keep in mind as you finish shopping for them.

1. Garden Decor

If you have a garden lover in your life, you really can’t go wrong when getting garden decor. It may be the dead of winter, but they can still look forward to the next garden season with new stepping stones, garden signs, wind chimes, and hanging baskets. The best part is, that your local farm and garden store in Camdenton, MO has plenty of cute garden gear!

2. Indoor Growing Kits

When a gardener is stuck in the dead of winter without a gardening project, the perfect gift could be in the form of an indoor growing kit! From lettuce greens to herbs, and even pretty flowers and grasses, there are many kits on the market to help our your green-thumbed friend. We supply plenty of items for growing in greenhouses or more.

3. Rose Gardening Gloves

Do you know an avid rose gardener? While these hi-tech gloves don’t have to only be used for roses, your gardening friend will appreciate being protected for the thorns!

4. Succulent Gardens

Like the indoor growing kits, a succulent garden is a great way to bring the warm summer days back even in the midst of a cold winter. These plants are also relatively easy to care for, as well so you can give them to “budding” gardeners to get their interest going!

5. Gathering Baskets

From vegetables to fruit and even flowers, having a good gathering basket is key for any gardener. Keep in mind that an oblong shape is perfect for gathering up the fruits or flowers from the garden, and a basket with holes can allow dirt and debris to escape before coming into the house.

6. Garden Containers

If your gardening friend lives in an apartment or has a home with a very small yard, big containers that they can garden in are perfect! We have many sizes to choose, from, plus all of the stuff you'll need to fill it!

7. Tree to Be Kits

If you’re looking for something unique, tree kits can be appealing to both adults and kids alike! They have everything you need to start your very own tree, and you’re helping the earth with every tree you plant, as well.

8. Birdhouses

Winter will finally start to melt off, and when it does, you can be sure that your friend will be ready to get their birdhouses out for the spring. Help them with their collection by getting some really beautiful birdhouses at the Lake of the Ozarks that they can hang in their garden. Don't forget that until the end of December you can participate in our Birdfeeding Bundle! Buy a birdfeeder for $50 or more and get a FREE 10 lb. bag of Jim's Mix bird feed!

9. Beautiful Terrariums

Gardeners are always looking for a beautiful way to accent their blooming buds. Terrariums are breathtaking ways to show off plants indoors, especially when your gardener is waiting for the snow to melt.

The Best Gardening Products

Every gardener has a wishlist of items they're looking for, even if it's as simple as a few bags of quality dirt, landscaping fertilizer, or new tools. From the fun to the practical, shopping for gardeners can be EASY when you come to Camdenton Farm and Garden! Merry Christmas from your local garden store at the Lake of the Ozarks, and don't forget to come get your signature for the Business Hop at the Lake of the Ozarks!

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