Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Show Your Cattle Some Appreciation

July 10th is Cow Appreciation Day - and we just have to say how much we love Missouri cattle. These large livestock provide the best dairy products, incredible meat, and are a huge asset to the community. This doesn’t come without a large amount effort and tasks on the farmer’s part though. Especially during a hot summer, cows need some special care and attention to amens sure that they don’t overheat. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan to appreciate your cows this summer.

Pair Breeds with Environment

One of the best ways to ensure that your livestock can handle the heat well is by focusing on breeds that are tolerant to hot temperatures. Of course, living in the Midwest means that we also get cool temps in the winter, so they’ll have to acclimate to both. Do your research before purchasing livestock and make sure that they will do well in your area. You can also touch base with local farmers to learn what breeds work well around here.

Keep Water Around

While some symptoms can be due to the extreme temperatures, others are actually just due to dehydration. Make sure that your livestock have plenty of access to water - especially cool and fresh water. You’ll also want to make sure that there is enough space for your animals to be drinking at once, since dominant animals may block others from drinking.

Provide Shady Shelters

If they are left to direct sunlight, it can be much harder on your livestock than necessary. In fact, direct sunlight can increase the risk of heatstroke by 2 to 3 degrees. Proper amounts of shade let your herd get out of the sun and can help reduce the risk of heat stroke. You don’t have to make the shady areas elaborate, simple shade structures or a place with large, mature trees can suffice perfectly.

Watch Air Circulation

Air circulation can be just as important as shade. When animals are inside a building, you can put fans indoors to help blow cool air at your livestock, but you’ll also want ventilation so that the heat doesn’t build up to a dangerous level.

Provide Ways to Cool Off

There are many ways to accomplish this, but the most popular are misting, water pools, and mud wallows. You don’t want to use cold water because it will slow cooling down and can increase the effects of heatstroke.

Serve Dinner Later

Did you know that digestion actually produces heat? No small amount either! By feeding in the evening, you can shift the heat production to a cooler time of the day, as well as free them up from activity during the hottest time of the day. Instead, they can lay around during the heat of the day and focus on staying cool. Studies have shown that heat production from feed intake will peak four to six hours after they eat.

Don’t Handle Them When It’s Hot

Finally, when it’s especially hot outside, you’ll want to limit your handling of them. Muscle movement can lead to increased body temps, which is exactly what you want to avoid during warm temps. The only good reason to move them would be if it provides better shade and water for them.

Missouri Livestock Care

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