Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Preparing Your Landscape for Fall

With harvest season quickly approaching, it’s time to get our lawns and gardens ready for autumn! Camdenton Farm & Garden has everything you need to get your landscape ready for the coming cooler months, including some great tips on how to get there successfully. When you stop into our farm and garden store in Camdenton, Missouri, we provide you with only the highest quality, tried and true products that we recommend ourselves. All of us have used these products for years and believe in them because they have worked for us. Read below for some tips on how to prepare your landscape for fall.

1. Rake the leaves continuously. Don’t let them build up or sit for more than a few days, or they will suffocate your grass. But also avoid raking when your lawn is wet. You may accidentally pull out some of your grass since the wet leaves are so heavy.

Tip: Hate raking leaves? Once the leaves become dry and brittle, mow them! The tiny, chopped up leaves actually make great compost and can be broken down into the dirt.

2. Fertilize your lawn. Autumn is a great time to fertilize before the ground gets too hard and frozen. Plus, the morning dew’s moisture helps your lawn absorb the fertilizer better. Camdenton Farm & Garden has several trusted brands of fertilizers in store. Feel free to stop by and ask any questions you may have about your specific lawn and grass type. 

Tip: Apply our Fertilome Winterizer Lawn Food to both lawns and shrubs in the fall. Its effects are similar to putting on an overcoat in the winter, and it enables turf, trees, and shrubs to withstand the rigors of winter better and easier.
3. Make room for your tropical container plants indoors. These tropical plants, such as palm or banana, can last perfectly fine indoors or in your garage, so long as the temperature doesn’t drop too low. 

Tip: During the fall/winter months, use your tropical plans as decoration indoors! The greenery will liven up the room and bring some color to the otherwise dreary outside.
4. Continue to mow and water your lawn. If you let your grass begin to grow out of control, it will get too long and become matted down. This can hinder the leaves from getting enough sunlight and nutrients and prevent further growth. 

Tip: Keep watering your lawn! Even though there is more rain and dew in the fall, the grass still needs more water than you think.
5. Add mulch where it’s needed. That extra layer of mulch protects your plants during the colder months. Mulch helps to retain the moisture in your soil, protect bare soil from eroding, and suppress weed growth. We have several great colors of mulch that will complement the design of your landscape, sold in ½ cubic yard scoops. 

Tip: Call or stop by Camdenton Farm & Garden, pick out your color and amount, and we’ll deliver up to 5 cubic yards right to you!

Since you’ve worked so hard maintaining your lawn and garden all summer, now is the time to protect it for the next few seasons. Now that you have a better idea about how to prepare your landscape for the coming winter months, stop by Camdenton Farm & Garden to pick up your supplies! Want us to come up with a program for tailored specifically to you and your landscape? Simply give us the square footage of your lawn and we’ll keep it all right here until you need it! Stop by our farm and garden store at the Lake of the Ozarks and get to know your local experts – we’re waiting for you!

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